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The ambition to accelerate every opportunity.


The confidence to be calm in a challenge

Industry & Private Equity

Allegro One is focused on quality businesses with high potential opportunities that have sensible valuations. We believe that the lower mid-market space represents the most attractive investment opportunity today. 

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Venture Capital

Avoiding sky high valuations, our preference is for early-stage start-ups with top-notch management teams who can think creatively, and for companies that possess innovative game changing technologies with potential to radically change the industries they are in.


Allegro One invests in transformative medical companies that seek to improve clinical outcomes, enhance quality of life, and/or reduce system costs. Our aim is to identify these companies early on when they have low valuations, & make targeted investments that have potential for substantial value growth due to the disruptive technology.

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Real Estate

Real estate is the largest proportion of our portfolio, making up 65% of our total AUM.  We invest in residential, commercial and new-build projects.  We tailor our strategy to the specifics of each country, market and sub-market.

Financial Instruments

We take small positions with best-in-class dynamic and successful managers who have a 3-5 year track record for identifying and maximising gaps in the market.

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